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In 2014, the appearance of the first astronomia tourbillon price phenomenon in Baselworld caused a sensation. Astronomy USES the triaxial tourbillon to create a poetic depiction of the celestial world, with planets in constant motion (including a 288-sided spherical diamond cut by Jacob). One of the main technical challenges is the power and perfect balance of movement at the ends of the four arms. It requires ultra-light magnesium to make a globe opposite a one-carat diamond. The tourbillon itself needs to be balanced. This mechanical microcosm is protected under an impressive, high-domed sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. Since then, several astronomical evolutions, including astronomy tourbillon clear octopus or astronomy sky, have added a unique three-dimensional star display in a four-arm mechanism. The range of watches launched over the years is impressive. Among them, let's mention the opera godfather edition, which includes a triaxial tourbillon, a music mechanism to play the godfather theme and a miniature don vido corleone at its center!

With no diamonds, no double-triaxial tourbillon or anything too complicated, the swiss watch replica Epic X series is Jacob & Co. 's answer to the plain man's watch. The modern Epic X titanium shell is extremely bold, but completely original 44 m 5 class titanium shell, with hours and minutes of manual spiral skeleton movement. The overall impression is transparent and airy, providing a special perspective of movement. Jacob & Co. 's watches are anything but low-key. The essence of this brand lies in its expressiveness and vitality, in its declaration beyond life: the bigger, the louder, the more complex, the better. Jacob & Co. can't beat this ultra-luxury lifestyle watch.

The Epic X is a lightweight metal that combines strength and corrosion resistance with a variety of coatings made from grade 5 titanium. The Epic X series features an X pattern that extends from the border to four points on the ear piece. Personally, X looks more like the armored leg of an insect straddling a box, but that could be an octopus casting a spell on me. No matter how you look at it, it's confident, modern and masculine. To match this type of watch, both the case and the x-shaped case have satin polished edges. With a diameter of 44mm and a height of 12.3mm, the case offers a wide view of movement -- yet, surprisingly, it's still comfortable to wear discount replica watch on your wrist.

The Epic X titanium black model's open dial is an excellent example of contemporary skeletal art, with impressive transparency. The air permeability and openness of the dial allow you to enjoy different manual winding movements. The dial is made up of 158 parts. The action of the dial takes place in the middle and left areas. The first things that catch your eye are the vertically aligned gun barrel and balance wheel. Holding the moving structure in place, the sandblasted upper bridge -- literally an extension of the earpiece -- spans the movement vertically and is hollowed out to ensure maximum viewing pleasure. To the right of the bridge is a plaque engraved with the name of the collection, and at 12 o 'clock the name of the brand was placed in a hollow in the top of the bucket. Equipped with skeleton hour and minute hands with red paint on top, the only number is the white number on the minute hand track on the inner flange.

The recently released twin-turbo anger model is full of so many exciting complications that it's almost levitating. Or the amazing astrotourbillon clarity timer, whose 3D octopus wraps its tentacles around a triaxial tourbillon and spinning planet, or the godfather of opera watch, which comes with a music box that plays the notes of the movie's theme song. (here are some of the brand's boldest ideas.) so, what daily scenes does Jacob & Co. offer men? The Epic X series seems to fit the bill, and while it's hard to describe as a sports watch, it definitely exudes a sportsmanship. The Epic X watch was designed by watchmaker Benjamin Muller, who drew inspiration from the original Spyder series before being hired by jacob and co astronomia replica .